Linux 桌面歌词的搞

首先有个这个东西: 最开始找到的时候觉得很好用啊. 但是有几个不爽: 几个歌词下载源太烂了, 简直哭瞎. 我用的 amarok, 切换 track 的时候不能自动切歌词 搞 1 作为前虾米后网易新近网易线下用户, 拉歌词当然还是从网易拉比较好. 其实还有一个原因, 是自带的歌词引擎基本算挂完了, 太垃圾 从 拉到别人写的网易云音乐 api. 然后给这个东西加一个 engine (在 engines 目录下) 就行了 比如 cat engines/ #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import engine; from net_ease_api import NetEase; import json class net_ease(engine.engine): def __init__(self, proxy=None, locale=None): self.api = NetEase( […]

why is neo4j so slow???!!!!

so that if some one – usually angered by a simple, but endless Cypher query, would find a proper webpage where its owner was expressing the same feeling as him.

A Test

for you, for me and for her var f = function() {xxx;} a.each do |x| puts x end constexpr int value = true; std::vector<decltype(value)> v = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}; for( auto each : v) { if (v&v-1) cout << v; } class some_c(Object): def __init__(self, f): for each in f: print each; yield […]