why is neo4j so slow???!!!!

so that if some one – usually angered by a simple, but endless Cypher query, would find a proper webpage where its owner was expressing the same feeling as him.

scanf 相关

好像集训队的学长们对这个都很熟. 我啥都不懂在乱用土死了. 集合匹配用 [] 逆向匹配用 [^] 比方 scanf(“%[ab,]”, str); // 1 scanf(“%[^;]”,str); // 2 1 匹配 所有ab和逗号.  “aabbb,ab,aaacasdsdef” 2. 匹配除了分号外的所有字符 “aaa;bbbbccc” 表示匹配但不赋值. scanf(“%[ab,]”); 然后 http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/types/integer 用法 “%” SCNd64 比如. 貌似是 C99 的标准…看了下源码其实就是各种平台相关 define… 嗯差不多就这样 简直太土了…